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Chris Conway & Llewellyn - Celtic Reiki
Chris Conway & Llewellyn - Cletic Reiki

Chris Conway -
tin & low Irish whistles, bamboo flute, zither, piano, keyboards, acoustic & electric 9 string guitars, theremin, kalimba, effects, vocals, bodhran
Llewellyn - piano, keyboards, ambient effects
+ special guest
Juliana - vocals

Magical Earth - EARTH
Dance of the Flame - FIRE
Sea of Dreams - WATER
The Wind of Enlightenment - AIR

Beautiful ambient music with Celtic stylings.
Featuring Celtic multi-instrumentalist Chris Conway and top Reiki composer Llewellyn and the ethereal voice of special guest Juliana

When a Celtic Reiki album was suggested it seemed like a perfect plan to mix Llewellyn Reiki music experience with CCs Celtic music experience. The two had worked together on CCs album Ayurveda album, which Llewellyn produced, and Llewellyn's Mysts of Avalon and Llewellyn & Juliana's Earth Angel album.

Consulting with Celtic reiki practitioner Bev Lewis - who wrote the line notes to the album - it was decided to divide the album into 4 quarters, reflecting the elements. Llewellyn suggested some broad instrumentation that would accompany each element and CC laid the main plan of the music down. Llewellyn & Juliana added their music and subtle ambiences to this.

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Robert Rich, Alan Stivell, Vidna Obmana

Also available as a continous mix download on iTunes

CC's favourite track - Dance Of The Flame

Chris ConwayLlewellyn & Juliana

This album can also be used for Usui Reiki Healing treatments and a wide range of therapies including massage, aromatherapy, meditation and yoga. Contains detailed sleeve notes about Celtic Reiki.

Celtic Reiki is a beautiful style of Reiki which uses vibrations from the Earth and certain types of trees and plants to create energies ideal for healing.

1. Magical Earth - EARTH

The magical feel of this track is imparted immediately by the combination of zither, sounding like a Celtic harp, and kalimba (thumb piano). Irish tim whistles and Juliana's vocals also make for a magical feel.

2. Dance of the Flame - FIRE
The fire is represented by the low drone of the bass keys of the piano and the Irish low whistle. Llewellyn added some distant thunderstorm sounds and again Chris's and Juliana's gentle voices blend together beautifully, dancing around the flame.

3. Sea of Dreams - WATER

A swirling ocean of sounds as filtered theremin and voices lay the seabed over which Irish tin whistle floats. A really dreamy track.

4. The Wind of Enlightenment - AIR
Bamboo flute floats over wind ambiences before being joined by a rippling acoustic 9 string guitar and Llewellyn's delicate piano on this piece which builds to a really emotional and anthemic feel by the end. Irish whistles play in harmony with eachother and the gentle voices float away into the distance.

Produced by Chris Conway & Llewellyn

Reiki, the practice of balancing chi energy by the laying of hands and the power of touch, is a balm for the soul that helps one to heal and feel rejuvenated. 'Celtic Reiki' is a variation on core Reiki practice that taps into the energies and vibrations of trees, plants and the earth itself, flowing upwards from the root chakra rather than downwards from the crown.

CELTI REIKI, from composers/multi-instrumentalists Llewellyn and Chris Conway, was composed to provide a serene environment that is conducive towards Celtic-themed energy work.

The music is soft and sublime, with a layer of fluid synthesizer atmosphere that envelops you early on and remains in place throughout the album. Conway adds light rhythm, bamboo flute, tin whistle, zither and other instruments that straddle the line between Asian and Celtic influences. Topping things off is the sweet wordless vocals of Juliana, which provide the music with another element of enchantment.

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Chris Conway & Llewellyn - Celtic Reiki

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