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Jazz Orient - Bird Dancer
Jazz Orient Bird Dancer

Baluji Shrivastav -
sitar, tabla, voice, dilruba, ghatam, pakhavaj
Linda Shanovitch -
voice, ankle bells, dance, percussion, tanpura
Chris Conway -
keyboards, 9string guitars, voice, tin whistle
+ guests
Clive Bell - bamboo flute, temple bells
John Ball - tabla

Vanita's Dance
I Am A Note
Tarana Too
The Trace
Karma Deva
Boss Me Around
Emerald Air
Bird Dancer

Jazz Orient aka Re-Orient


Jazz Orient
Music to Engage the Mind, Heart and Soul.
Fusion pieces, improvisations, a tarana composition and features 4 songs with lyrics by Linda Shanovitch. From it's firey rhythmic opening "Vanita's Dance", you know you're listening to a unique and special album.

Jazz Orient needed a CD of their new work and to try and capture their live sound. The CD was released on Chris Conway's TRG label first, then a couple of years later ZahZah released it with new artwork and liner notes.

The album remains a favourite of the band due to it's live feel. Many of the tracks remain the backbone of their live set. Golden too set a tradition for vocal and keyboard inprovisations.

Flora Purim, Dr L Subramanium, Nina Simone, Piirpauke, Okay Temiz, Oregon, Kolinda

1, 8, 12 - by Chris Conway
3 - by Bauluji Shrivastav
2, 7, 9 - by Linda Shanovitch
4, 6, 10 - by Conway/Shrivastav/Shanovitch/Bell
5 - by Shanovitch/Shrivastav
11 - by Conway/Shrivastav/Bell

Vanita's Dance was named after Baluji's daughter (who CC only found out later was spelled her name Vinita) who used to make lunch and bring tea when the band were recording the album.

Having recorded the compositions they wanted in London, CC thought there was something missing and convened a session in Leicester to record some improvisations in his studio.

A reworked version of Vanita's Dance called Vanita's Groove can be heard on Chris Conway's Chocolate Bossa album.

was played with a different arrangement for more musicians on Re-Orient's Indian World Music Fusion album.

Bird Dancer
was dedicated to violinist Dr L Subramanium whom Chris worked with on an Indian dance interpretation of the Taming of the Shrew which featured dancers portraying birds.

CC's fave track -Golden

All Music Guide
The intriguing Bird Dancer set combines Indian rhythms and instruments with jazz improvising. The music ranges from mood pieces and features for the sitar to the surprise blues "Boss Me Around" and a few fiery moments. The jazz content is often buried by the Indian rhythms and vocals (though Linda Shanovitch is actually from London) so this is an acquired taste for jazz listeners, but those who are into Indian music might find this mixture of strong interest. ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
Jazzwise Magazine (UK)
* * * Music to engage the mind, heart and soul", trumpets the sleeve, and the CDs opener ' Vanita's Dance' is certainly and arresting statement of intent: Indian rhythms and percussion collide with jazzy improvisation as vocalist Linda Shanovitch weaves through the mix sounding like Björk on helium.

Jazz Orient are Shanovitch, Baluji Shrivastav on sitar, tabla and voice and Chris Conway on keyboards guitars and tin whistle.

Their music draws influences from European folk tradition as well as jazz and the Indian subcontinent, fusing them into cohesive and usually satisfying structures. Shanovitch's voice in particular is striking and expressive throughout.
Verge Music (Canada)
Bird Dancer is an exciting album combining jazz and Indian influences. Jazz Orient have produced this intriguing mixture drawing upon Indian dance rhythms, folk melodies and jazz.
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Jazz Orient - Bird Dancer

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