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The Planet Scanners - The Third Expedition

The Planet Scanners - The Third Expedition

The Green Morning
Way In The Middle Of The Air
Rocket Summer
The Watchers
The Long Years

Chris Conway -
theremin, synthesizers, flutes, kalimba, vocals
Mick Oxtoby - electric violin, effects
Andy Fitzsimons - percussion
Simon Styring - guitar synthesizer, electric guitar, effects

The Planet Scanners reunion gig


The Planet Scanners
A third expedition from these electronic improvisers...
... takes them to further and wilder places. Mars to be exact. Wonderfully interactive improvised music at its very best.

Improvised and recorded live at their amazing reunion concert at the Bambu in Leicester this The Planet Scanners third expedition takes them even further soncically with shimmering soundscapes and hypnotic passages.

For the first time the group were a quartet with the addition of Continuum's Simon Styring. whose guitar and guitar synthesizer added another set of textures to the group sound and increased the dynamic rage of the group.

Terry Riley, Vidna Obmana, Eduard Artemiev, Robert Rich, Simon Stockhausen, Bernard Xolotl, Lydia Kavina, Wendy Carlos, JL Ponty

Recorded digitally live at The Bambu, Leicester , mastered at Oblong Studios.

Track and album titles taken from chapters of Ray Bradbury's classic Martian Chronicles book.

Their 1st album features artwork of Saturn's rings, their 2nd showed the Earth. Their 3rd takes its theme from Mars with Nasa pics of recent Mars expeditions.

All 4 musicians had worked together in the very different setting of Chris Conway's acoustic songs band The Talking Fish.

As well as being a reunion concert, it turned out to be a farewell concert as well, as Mick Oxtoby moved to Cornwall shortly after the concert.

CCs favourite track - The Green Morning

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The Third Expedition - The Planet Scanners
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