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Audible Light - Convergence
Audible Light - Convergence

Gathering Moonlight
3 Night Forest

Andy Atyeo - electric guitar, synthesizer, laptop
Chris Conway -
piano, keyboards, theremin, voice, Irish whistles, effects
Les Hayden -


Jim Tetlow - laptop with keyboard, cajon
+ special guest
Dave Powell - hurdy-gurdy, effects - 3

Audible Light - Convergence back


Audible Light + Dave Powell
Night Music
This album has a nocturnal feeling to it, and features guest hurdy-gurdy player Dave Powell from Etherwheel on a magical 40 minute track.

The last Audible Light album Submergence was a live album recorded at the Ambient Underground 1 event. This album is from Ambient Underground 4 and it felt like there was a special magic on stage at the time. On listening back they were delighted with the way the music flowed, The album has a nocturnal atmospheric feel which flows between lyrical, electronic and minimal passages.

and theough the group had decided their next album would be a studio one, they decided to release this now.

gathering moonlight


night forest

Tape, Robert Rich, Vidna Obmana, Alio Die, ECM, Terry Riley, Azimuth, Steve Reich, John Hassell.

Recorded live at Ambient Underground 4 event at The Cookie, Leicester, UK.

Though there was some editing, the tracks were played in the same order as they appear on the album. No tracks were deleted.

The cover art is a photo by Jim Tetlow taken when he was in Scotland.

The 20th album on the Zorpin label.

CC's fave track - Night Forest

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Audible Light Convergence
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