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Chris Conway Ayurveda

Chris Conway -
keyboards, tin & low D whistles, acoustic & electric 9 string guitars, tanpura, swarmandal, zither, theremin, vocals, effects, kalimba, bells, bamboo chimes, bodhran

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Knowledge of Life
Pritvi part 2
Kapha part 2
Knowledge of Life reprise

Chris Conway
Atmospheric masterpiece with a huge array of instruments.
An Indianesque feel infuses the album, though the music winds through many changes - low whistle, piano, guitar and voice all have a chance to shine.

Chris had been wanting to do a new age/ambient album for some time. He had already done some recording for Llewellyn's Sacred Circles album.

Llewellyn then asked CC if he would like to record an Ayurveda album with Llewellyn himself producing and engineering. Too good an offer to miss,

CC arrived at the studio with only a basic theme - the rest was conjoured up in the studio. He also used it as an excuse to pull out all the stops and use a lot of his instruments.

CC is very fond of this album - the way it flows, the different sections - the whole feel still has a real freshness to it.

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Vidna Obmana, Alan Stivell, Pandit Jasraj, Hariprasad Chaurasia, Simon Stockhausen, Stephan Micus, Terry Riley, Eduard Artemiev, Al Gromer Khan

Recorded at Llewellyn's Norvic Studios onto hard disk recorder. Mixed and produced by Llewellyn.

CC's best selling CD with over 30,000 sold worldwide.

Music from Ayurveda have been used in many compilaton relaxation CDs including some for Marks & Spencer.

Amazingly the recording of this album was completed in 1 day - starting around noon, and ending about 10pm, with a short meal break. Chris always says this was a charmed recording session.

The tanpura was borrowed from his sitar playing friend from The Rain Garden, Carl Peberdy.

CC's fave track - Pitta

  - Esoterische Winkel Inspiratie (Netherlands)
From - Top 75 New Age CDs
"A meditative masterwork played on a lot of acoustic instruments. Ideal for all chakras."


Composer Chris Conway collaborates with expert Dr Shantha Godagama on Ayurveda, bringing balance of the three doshas; Vata music for air and space, Pitta music for fire and water, Kapha music for earth and water. The result is a sonic elixir that embodies a sense of wholeness of being.

- Dene Bebbington
Wind and Wire Feb '04

Ayurveda is the latest album release in the Mind, Body & Soul series - a series which, incidentally, also includes some videos. Apparently the music on the CD has been written to create balance in the three doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) - the doshas being related to parts of the body. That said, I'm sceptical [sic] of the power of music to help in physical healing, except perhaps indirectly insofar as it can affect one's emotional wellbeing. I'll leave it to people more interested in the healing side of New Age music to decide whether this album balances their doshas.

The thing that initially struck me about Ayurveda is the gentle sound of running water used throughout, from the first to last track. I don't know whether that's designed to fit in with the doshas, but the sound of water certainly can be soothing. The music that we hear over the water is created from a variety of Western and Asian instruments, some of which, like the swarmandal, I've never heard of before. Chris Conway is a talented musician who has composed music in several genres, and the collection of instruments he's used here speaks to his versatility.

Though there are some keyboards used in the album, it has an acoustic and "earthy" quality overall, and, not surprisingly given the title, the sounds often conjure up images pertaining to certain parts of India and Asia. Indeed, the opening track "Knowledge of Life" reminded me of a track on David Parsons's Himalaya.

When keyboards are used, as on "Kapha," they fit in really well with the style of the album. Because of the water sounds, this is one of those albums which feels like it's taking you on a journey; given the theme of balancing doshas maybe the journey is through different parts of the body.

- New Age Retailer (09/20/03, p.140)

...a wonderfully relaxing set...

- Aquarius Newspaper, Atlanta

Ayurveda (New World Music), by Dr. Shantha Godagama and Chris Conway, is a truly lovely instrumental album designed to balance the listener's doshas (three basic energy types). Intended as a “sonic tune-up,” Ayurveda provides a healing atmosphere for any environment, and the booklet gives a wealth of resources and explains the connection between ayurveda (the science of life) and music.

Instrumentation on this CD includes keyboards, tin and low D whistles, tanpura, guitars, swarmandal, zither, kalimba, bells, chimes, bodran, nature sounds and vocal effects. In addition, the first electronic instrument, the theremin, is featured; this mysterious instrument is played by passing one or two hands through the air around an antennae, without actually touching the instrument. Ayurveda is one of the most beautiful albums released this month, and my favorite.

- Prediction Magazine

It's certainly relaxing...The combination of piano acoustic guitar, chimes and nature sounds would work well in treatment rooms or as an aid to meditation.

- Christina Lord - Creations Magazine

Ayurveda is a life management tool for maintaining your health and well being. It was developed in India 5,000 years ago. On this CD, there are nine instrumental tracks to balance your three doshas, or energy types. The booklet which accompanies the CD gives you background on this ancient science and on how to use the music.
The music is great for any occasion and is said to have a profound effect on your health. I found it to be beautiful, peaceful and relaxing.

- the

Composed by Chris Conway with inspiration from Dr. Shantha Godagama, the album features a highly soothing atmosphere of blissful synthesizer ambience, gentle guitar strumming, chimes, vocalese and tanpura, perfect for Ayurveda

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