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Chris Conway - Celtic Gold
Chris Conway Celtic Gold

Chris Conway - Irish tin & low whistles, Irish flute, piano, keyboards, acoustic & electric 9 string & nylon string guitars, zither, electric kantele, kalimba, voice, temple bells, bamboo & metal chimes.

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Celtic Lullaby
Dian Cecht The Healer
Airmid's Herbal Cloak
Triple Goddess Of Healing
Connla's Well Of Wisdom
Otherworld Of Eternal Youth
Healing Hill Of Uisneach
Celtic Lullaby Remembered

Chris Conway Castlerigg
Celtic Myths Of Healing
Peaceful music with a Celtic twist from multi-instrumentalist Chris Conway especially featuring Irish flutes and is perfect for healing, relaxation, and treatments and is inspired my Celtic myths of healing.

On Celtic Gold I have created relaxing soundscapes inspired by tales from Celtic mythology relating to healing. The music is original but now and then I have included some slow airs and reels inspired by traditional Celtic music. I have quite often used repeated patterns and phrases in the music which have a relaxing and almost hypnotic effect.

Celtic myths have a rich thread of healing and magic running through them and I hope this music will be of benefit either in healing treatments or just to give the the mind somewhere to wander and relax in an Otherworld of its own.


Davy Spillane, Alan Stivell, Stephan Micus, Hariprasad Charasia, Robert Rich

On the CD the music flows continuously from one track to the next.

The Irish low whistle was given to me as a gift from a freind when I was on tour in Germany. The Irish flute was a gift from another friend who gave it to me at a concert in the UK.

This album was made about the same time as Flute Dreamer, which is why this album features my flutes and whistles quite a lot. I was really into them at this time.

The electric kantele was made by Michael J King

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CCs favourite track - Healing Hill Of Uisneach

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Chris Conway

1. Celtic Lullaby
I was originally going to call this Lullaby For Grown-ups. Don't we all sometimes need to be lulled to sleep or a relaxed state by a simple melody. The tune winds round and round and beckons you into the dream.

2. Dian Cecht The Healer
Dian Cecht was the healer god of the Irish people. He blessed a healing well called Slane, where his people could bathe and be cured. He also created a silver arm for King Nuada which moved and functioned like a normal arm.

3. Airmid's Herbal Cloak

When Dian Cecht's daughter Airmid wept at the grave of her brother, her tears created healing herbs. She gathered these and placed them on a cloak with each herb placed where it was meant to heal on the body. Her father angrily tore this up and scattered the herbs and to this day no human fully knows all the secrets of herbalism. Airmid is the only one.

4. Triple Goddess Of Healing
Brigid was a Triple Goddess whose three aspects were healing waters and wells, the sacred flame and the fertile earth. I represent these on this piece with the Irish tin whistle, guitar and bagpipe sample.

5. Connla's Well Of Wisdom
Also called the Well of Segais, it was considered The Well of Wisdom and the source of some of the rivers of Ireland. Nine hazel trees of wisdom surround the well, blooming and fruiting in the same hour. Eating the hazelnuts that fell into the well, drinking the water the hazelnuts fell in, or eating the salmon of wisdom that ate the hazelnuts, granted knowledge and inspiration.

6. Otherworld Of Eternal Youth
One of the names for the Otherworld is Tir na nÓg which is a supernatural place of eternal youth, beauty, health, abundance and joy which can be entered via ancient burial mounds or caves, or by going under water or across the sea.

7. Healing Hill Of Uisneach
The Hill of Uisneach was a place of strong magic, where opposites were transformed and made whole, where divisions were healed, and darkness overcome. It is said to be a part of the sacred road that links the Hill of Tara with the mound of Rathcroghan which was place of rest for the Sidhe, the ancient spirits of the land, as they travelled on the Solstice days.

8. Celtic Lullaby Remembered
The melody returns. Is it the following morning, or the next night? The dream begins again...

Total time 60.18
Produced by Chris Conway

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Chris Conway Celtic Gold
Chris Conway - Celtic Gold

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Celtic Gold continuous mix
Chris Conway - Celtic Gold

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