Clookai - Spirits Of The Faerie
Clookai Spirits Of The Faerie

Clookai - flute, tin Irish whistle, vocals
Chris Conway -
keyboards, acoustic 9 string guitar, low & tin Irish whistles, kalimba, zither, wind chimes, percussion

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On Gossamer Wings 1
Portal To The Faerie Realm mp3
Faerie Gathering mp3
Waltz Of The Faerie Queen mp3
Faerie Games mp3
Faerie Magic Incantations mp3
Tales Faeries Tell mp3
Faerie Dreams mp3
Faerie Circle Dance mp3
Faeries In Flight mp3
11 On Gossamer Wings 2 mp3

Clookai Chris Conway
Spirits of the Faerie takes the listener to the magical land of the fey.
Meet the angel spirits of the Earth. Featuring the enchanting flute playing of Clookai and th multi-instrumental wizardry of Chris Conway.

The aim was to use light musical textures to create a light feeling to the music. We particularly didn't want the music to sound twee, but instead be evocative of a magical place. Celtic music was an influence here and there too.
Though Clookai and Chris built on the sound established on Clookai's debut Massage Gold, there was more of a focus on Clookai's flute playing here, though there is a little chanting on a track or two.

Robert Rich, Hariprasad Chaurasia, Deuter

A faerie takes you to their glade to attend a faerie celebration hosted by the faerie queen herself. Through the portal to the faerie realm where they dance, play games and tell stories, dream and fly.

1. On Gossamer Wings 1

A faerie arrives and takes you into the air. Faeries wings are light and delicate but can carry them far.

2. Portal to the Faerie Realm
You arrive at the portal to the faerie realm. The portal is grand, shining and beautiful. Strangely though, not everyone can see it.

3. Faerie Gathering
Faeries gather from far and wide in the glade for the celebration

4. Waltz of the Faerie Queen
The faerie queen leads the celebration with a stately and elegant waltz. Being a faerie, this dance sometimes takes her into the air.

5. Faerie Games
Faeries clap and sing and play games.

6. Faerie Magic Incantations
Time for some faerie magic to begin as they gather and chant a magic spell incantation - “ram ram ra mada, ra madiyo”

7. Tales Faeries Tell
No celebration is complete without the telling of stories. The are many stories told including faeries of course, but the faeries have their own stories to tell.

8. Faerie Dreams
The faeries, worn out by all the excitement lie in heaps on the glade floor and sleep and dream.

9. Faerie Circle Dance
The faeries awaken and to rouse them they start a circle dance. There is the big circle and little groups of faeries make their own little circles.

10. Faeries In Flight
Faeries never take for granted the joy of flying and to end the celebration they take to the air, they circle for a while and begin the long flight home.

11. On Gossamer Wings 2
The faerie drops you home, waves a little farewell and takes to the air.


Translated from the Russian...

Spirits of the Faerie, flutist Clookai's second album, is recorded with a recognized master of new age music by Chris Conway.
And if their first release was intended to accompany the massages and other very nice and useful procedure, the new disc - is another story.

The story originated in the ancient legends of his native England for the performers, which featured fairies, many eyes invisible inhabitants of forests, rivers and lakes, the most famous of which, of course, are the elves. Legends of these creatures spawned an entire mythology, with its heroes and villains, and formed a complete system of rituals, activities, events, just what we call a way of life that we now ascribe to members of a small narodtsem.

An important challenge faced by the musicians - to make the music light and airy, feeling that she passed on the flight (because fairies can fly), and scattered the bright sparks of magic (after all its glorious magic of fairies). It was also important to convey a sense of celebration, of the famous fairy round dance, which can be turned to exhaustion, and often becomes an insidious trap for the unwary traveler, yielding to the entreaties of mischievous. Clookai and Chris, following his debut style (original flute playing, the angelic voices of charming melodies, rich arrangements and pulsating, deep rhythms), coped with the task perfectly.

Pinch of meditative new age, a generous handful of Celtic music, which incorporates the winding Irish jig, with its countersunk and heartfelt lyricism and prihlopami, a portion of modern electronics, which imparts untold mystery - all combine, season with harmonious melodies and romantic (especially note «Faerie Gathering»)
. All the magic potion that helps you go back to the invisible world of fairies, done.

So, next time you decide to walk along the forest trails, take a «Spirits of the Faerie» in the player.
In our country, of course, slightly different realities and, historically, a few other inhabitants of thickets, but then you also see how the fungi form an almost perfect circle. Then you know - fairy close. Expected, a beautiful and bright album.

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