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Chris Conway - Electric Skies
Chris Conway - Electric Skies

Cloud Collector
So Far Away
Remember How To Fly
Alien Skies
Electric Sky

Chris Conway -
theremin, effects + voice, low whistle, shaker, chimes

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Chris Conway

Improvisations for theremin & effects + flutes & voice
More haunting ambient theremin adagios.

Five years after my last album of solo theremin flights, I returned to record some more. This was mostly as I had a couple of concerts arranged for solo theremin and effects, one of which was opening for the legendary prog rock group The Enid. I also had siggned up to attend my 4th Theremin Academy event in London.

I ahd been playing theremin with Memory Wire, Audible Light and most often in my monthly electronic improvisation nights Quadelectronic., but I hadn't done much solo work with it.

I set in my studio with a view to rehearsing for the concerts, and thought it best to record everything to act as a kind of audience. It took a while to get back the mix of control, boldness and clear thinking, and when I recorded it I thought no more about it, not intending to release them. But when I listened back a few days later I was cheered to notice the subtle refinements that had come from 5 years of playing.

So Far Away

Vidna Obmana, Eduard Artemiev, Robert Rich, Pamalia Stickney, A Produce/M Griffin, Gyorgy Ligeti, Terje Rypdal, Barber, Albinoni, Knut Nystedt.

OK for the effects nerds out there - what effects did I use? I used the following, routed in different orders from track to track...

Moogerfooger Ring Modulator
Moogerfooger MuRF filter array
Digitech Vocalist Live Pro harmonizer
Boss DD20 Giga Delay

CC's fave track - So Far Away

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Electric Skies - Chris Conway

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