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Chris Puleston & Chris Conway - The Healing Drum
Chris Puleston & Chris Conway The Healing Drum

Chris Puleston -
djembe, darabukah, tabla, pakhawaj, didgeridoo, udu, ghatam, talking drum, cymbals, shakers
Chris Conway -
,tin low & twin whistles, keyboards, acoustic & electric 9string guitars, kalimba, voice, theremin, zither, harmonizer, effects, shaker, celeste, glockenspiel, temple bells, bass drum
special guest
Dave Nash - Balinese gong, djembe, cymbals, singing bowl

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Traveller mp3
The Healing Drum mp3
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Chris Puleston & Chris Conway
Atmospheric persussion global journey.
This rich music weaves a global journey in the mind through India, Africa, Celtic lands, The Carribean, Australia, Europe, the Far East and Indonesia... Listen and relax or grab a drum and join in.

The label suggested the concept of The Healing Drum and paired the 2 Chris's. Some material came out of CC adding to drumming ideas, and sometimes CP added his drums to CC composed ideas.

In the end it was a genuine collaboration with each Chris shining. Quite a world music album in effect, though on a new age label.

Oregon, Paul Winter, Don Cherry, Bengt Berger, Stephan Micus, Donal Lunny, Alan Stivell, Okay Temiz, Terry Riley, Arto Tuncboyaciyan

1, 2, 4, 7 by Chris Conway & Chris Puleston
3, 5 by Chris Puleston
6 by Chris Conway

total time - 49.00

CC's fave track -Traveller



1. The Source 13.11
This piece goes through a 4 phases.

i. slow section as tin whistle plays over tabla and subtle synthesizer

ii. faster section as didgeridu and old filtered twin oscillator synthesizer play over tabla and temple bells and zither.

iii. talking drum solo

iv. djembe and udu (big tuned tubes hit with sticks) set up reggae-like rhythm with organ enters and low whistle played though harmnizer solos over it all.

Chris P - tabla, talking drum, cymbals, gongs, pakhawaj, didgeridoo, talking drum, djembe, udu
Chris C - synthesizers, tin whistle, temple bells, low whistle, zither, low whistle with harmonizer, organ
Dave - cymbals, djembe

2. Traveller
Ghatam (clay pot) and bowl play over atmospheric synthesizers. Zithers flow over the rhythm and play the repeated theme.

Chris P - ghatam
Chris C - zithers, synthesizers, temple bells
Dave - Balinese gong, singing bowl

3. The Healing Drum 1.12
Solo djembe interlude

Chris Puleston - djembe

4. An Irishman in Africa 11.45
In 3/4 time. Djembe's are featured in the first half especially. Marimba samples come in and state the theme riff.
Acoustic 9string guitar solos. Things then take a Celtic turn when the low whistle comes in. Repeated figures on the marimba samples build up before the twin whistles join in.

Chris P - shaker, djembe, cymbals, gongs
Chris C - synthesizer, marimba samples, bass drum, acoustic 9 string guitar, kalimba, low whistle, twin whistles

5. Cymbology 3.28
Cymbals and gongs underpinned by synthesizers which play notes of the overtones of the gongs and cymbals

Chris P - cymbals, gongs
Chris C - synthesizer

6. The Seven Jewels 5.04
A piece in 7beat cycle, darabukas and subtly underpin the vibraphone samples, kalimba, and mallet instumens and acoustic 9 string guitar as they weave around eachother. A low whistle solos overthe delicate carpet of sounds.

Chris P - darabukah, cymbals
Chris C - vibraphone sample, synthesizer, acoustic 9string guitar, kalimba, low whistle, celeste, glockenspiel

7. Back To The River 9.02
A djembe is the backbone of the piece, over which electric 9 string guitar, tin whistles and voice with harmonizer and eventually theremin weave around eachother before the waters rise around them

Chris P - djembe
Chris C - tin whistles with harmonizer & delay, voice with hamonizer, electric 9string guitar, shaker, theremin,

THE HEALING DRUM is a tour-de-force of rhythm and percussive melodies from the duo of Chris Puleston and Chris Conway. Puleston is a drum aficionado, something obvious from viewing the list of drums appearing on the album: tabla, udu, talking drum, darbuka and djembe, to name a few. Conway's focus is melodic instrumentation, though on this album he learns toward melodic percussion instruments like the kalimba, bells and shakers, in addition to flute and guitar. THE HEALING DRUM certainly puts percussion in the spotlight, though Puleston and Conway opt for a multi-cultural fusion approach that interweaves rhythm with different layers of accent instrumentation. This is a nice, mid-tempo album for anyone who those who like tribal type music with a touch of new age flair.

The Healing Drum's introductory selection The Source features flute, the sound of water, rich layers of perussion and a variety of instruments including the didgeridoo, setting the tone for the magical journey musicians Chris Puleston, Chris Conway and guest musician David Nash have created for listeners of this album, which also includes instructions for accompaniment should anyone want to drum along.

Listeners can easily imagine following the Traveller on this musical adventure, listen along to The Healing Drum, envision An Irishman in Africa, experience Cymbology, imagine The Seven Jewels and return, Back to the River.

Instruments used throughout range from temple bells and glockenschpiel to ones I've never heard of, like the ghatam and pakhawaj.

Most of this exotic and relaxing collection is suitable for meditation, easy listening, waiting rooms and for listening during Reiki or massage. Take a listen first, though as personal preference may dictate that a selection or two may be a bit too exciting for those receiving healing treatments.

by Beth Lowell, Managing Editor

webturtle on Amie Street
(on the track "An Irishman in Africa") - This is not just a song, it's a journey. Beautifully composed, if you like the fusion of Africa and Ireland, and New Age music, this is the trip to take.
What we thought: Fun-tastic
This is so cool! I finally got to use my shamanic drum for more than just space clearing, unfortunately this has resulted in my being warned that I might have to move into the shed if I don't stop! - Allyson

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