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Inspiring new music.

On the Aloft label, pianist, multi-instrumentalist Chris Conway releases special projects of atmospheric music.

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Chris Conway - A Full Moon Summer Night's Dream
Chris Conway & Andy Nicholls - Pathways
Chris Conway Outside In
Chria Conway - A Full Moon Summer Night's Dream
solo piano improvisation
Chria Conway & Andy Nicholls - Pathways
solo piano & tenor saxophone improvisations
Chria Conway - Outside In
solo piano improvisation + outsdie sounds
Chris Conway - Midnight Window Blue
Chris Conway - Through Mirrors We Met
Chris Conway CD Retracing My Steps
Chria Conway - Midnight Window Blue
solo piano improvisations
Chria Conway - Through Mirrors We Met
+ 15 improvising female vocalists
Chria Conway - Retracing My Steps
piano based compositions
CD Glisten
Chria Conway - Glisten
solo piano improvisations

Chris Conway
Chris Conway
new age