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Chris Conway - Retracing My Steps
Chris Conway CD Retracing My Steps

The Dawn Of time
Inner space
Fluorescent Sea
Meet You There
Past Master
Retracing My Steps
Outer Space
The End Of Time
New Dawn

Chris Conway - piano, synthesizer, keyboards, theremin, electric & acoustic 9 string & classical guitars, low Irish whistle, zither, kalimba, voice, drum loops percussion, bells & chimes, effects, samples, field recordings


Atmospheric piano jazz with minimal and electronic music touches.

I had a spell some years ago when I wrote a lot of pieces for piano. As a memory aid, at the time I recorded some on cassette and many I have forgotten, but the ones on this album have lived in my head all this time

I wasn’t aware when I wrote these how strongly I was influenced by my piano heroes. Some of these feel like tribute pieces so I feel I should especially thank and dedicate this album to...
Steve Kuhn, John Taylor, Richie Beirach, Rainer Brüninghaus, Bobo Stenson, Terry Riley, and Alexander Scriabin.

I'm also indebted to non pianist heroes Terje Rypdal, Ralph Towner, Charles Lloyd, & Kenny Wheeler, whose harmonies and playing styles also influenced this music. Toru Takemitsu was a big influence on the Inner Space/Outer Space pieces.

The Dawn Of Time

Outer Space

Steve Kuhn, John Taylor, Azimuth, Richie Beirach, Rainer Brüninghaus, Bobo Stenson, Terry Riley, Alexander Scriabin, Terje Rypdal, Ralph Towner, Kenny Wheeler, Toru Takemitsu, Barbara Buchholz.

Nostalgia dates from 1979.
Withrawn, Fluorescent Sea from 1980.
The End Of Time, The Dawn of Time are from 1983.
Past Master, Revelations are from about 2000.
Inner Space, Outer Space are improvised, including harmonies I loved in those past times.
Retracing My Steps I layered again harking back to improvisations I used to make.

Meet You There
& Nostalgia were once recorded by the Chris Conway Trio on the cassette
Meet You There in 1991 which has not been released on CD.

At the end of The End Of Time there is a sample of a recording of my grandfather he made in 1963.

On Retracing My Steps the recording of the thunderstorm was made in my back garden. Street sounds were recorded on the street outside my old house.

Outer Space
is dedicated to the memory of Barbara Buchholz.

CC's favourite track - Fluorescent Sea


Here's Retracing My Steps, piano pieces rescued from the Conway archives and recently revisited, some of which pay tribute to his pianist heroes such as Steve Kuhn, Bobo Stenson and Richie Beirach. Other instruments include synthisizer, keyboards, guitars, low whistle, voice and a whole lot more. The album represents another aspect of Conway's multi-faceted musical personality - in this case, jazz pianist and composer. mood pieces, improvisations and all round great playing make this a satisfying testament to the merits of recycling.

- David White - R2 Magazine

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