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Audible Light - Essence
Audible Light - Essence

Ice Palaces
On Wings Of Light
3 Reflections In A Cloud Jungle
4 A Thousand Seeds
5 The Unknown

Audible Light - Essence back

Andy Atyeo - electric guitar, synthesizer, laptop
Chris Conway -
piano, keyboards, theremin, voice, Irish whistles, kalimba, effects
Les Hayden -


Jim Tetlow - laptop with keyboard
+ special guest
Chris Thornhill - electric guitar, violin, effects - 4,5


Audible Light
Air Music
A wonderful airy floaty feel eminates from this album, passing through, ambient, minimal and spacey soundscapes

Audible Light multi-track recorded this live at the Ambient Underground 6 event at The Cookie in Leicester, giving a best-of-both-worlds of a concert performance but mixable afterwards. They knew the concert music was special but only when they went through the recordings did they realise just how special.

They hadn't played together for quite a few months and there was a freshness in their approach.

Tape, Robert Rich, Vidna Obmana, Alio Die, ECM, Terry Riley, Azimuth, Steve Reich, John Hassell.

Recorded live at Ambient Underground 5 event at The Cookie, Leicester, UK.

Though there was some editing, the tracks were played in the same order as they appear on the album. No tracks were deleted.

The Cookie venue had just reopened after a flooding incident, so the stage sound equipment was brand new - they were the first t use it - and the stage soudn was excellent.

CC's fave track -Ice Palaces

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Audible Light - Essence back Audible Light - Essence