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Chris Conway - Déjà Blue
Chris Conway - Deja Blue

Get Yourself A Life
Waiting For The Good Times
Who In The Devil Are You?
Minute Of The Hour
The End Of The World
Wonderful Time
Dreams Turned Blue
The Devil's In Grey
Days Gone By
Déjà Blues
Nobody's Fool (But My Own)
Same Again

Chris Conway - vocals, piano, keyboards, shakers


Chris Conway
Chilled out jazz and blues songs.
It's late but the bar is still open. Bartender Joe is asking "What will it be, sir?" Chris is singing his jazz and blues at the piano and keyboard. Recorded in 1995 - remastered and enhanced for CD.

After several albums of quite impressionistic jazz and world music jazz fusion, around 1995 I was getting a lot more work singing jazz and playing piano in bars and restaurants. This tended to be jazz of a more mainstream blues influenced kind. Kind of Ray Charles influenced plus songs from the 30s movies I loved.
I had written quite a few jazz songs by then so it seemed a good idea to record them.

The TRG Studios I was using then had a bar, so for the ambience I set up there and, on my own, recorded my songs - no overdubs then - using different kayboard sounds to vary the feel.

15 years later when I decided to remaster the album for CD I decided to add harmonies, and light percussion on a couple of tracks - I've always heard the harmonies in my head on those songs - I just hadn't the means to record them back then.

I've written more jazz songs since, but this album captures my bar room set of songs nicely - so pull up a stool, let Joe the bartender pour you a drink and listen to songs of depression, madness, celebration, and love gone wrong.

Ray Charles, Al Bowlly, Fred Astaire, Screamin Jay Hawkins, 1930s movies, Mose Allison, Georgie Fame.

I dropped a couple of songs which were on the album that i played on guitar as they have been so much better recorded on other albums since (Forget About You and Green Clothes)

The cover photo was taken at the Belmont Hotel - a piano residency I held for 12 years.

The End of The World & Get Yourself A Life can be heard instrumentally with jazz quartet on the Who Cares? album.

Deja Blues is probably one of my most recorded songs - still this is the earliest recording of it.

CC's fave track -The Devil's In Grey

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