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Kym - A Woman's Journey
Kym A Woman's Journey

Kym -
Chris Conway -
keyboards, piano, tin & low whistles, acoustic & electric 9 string guitar, acoustic nylon string guitar, zither, electric kantele, vocals, percussion
Bernie Devine -
acoustic guitar 3, 7, 11
Dan Britton -
bodhran, percussion 1, 6

all songs by Kym/Chris Conway except
3, 7, 11 by Kym/Bernie Devine
2, 6 by Chris Conway


Nothing Greatrer Than Love
Angel Voices
The Wise Old Man
I Thank You
The Circle
Here We Are
A Little Mantra - OM
Magical Child
Patiently Waiting
Fields of Corn
Journey's End

KymChris Conway
Beautiful songs with Celtic and world music touches.
A Woman's Journey uplifts, inspires and relaxes the listener while taking them on a personal spiritual journey.
Produced by Chris Conway.

Kym and Chris met at a Paradise Music label party where Kym was singing with her band Maya, and Chris was also performing.

When Chris was to be the producer of Kyms album the two set to work in an interesting way. Chris would compose and record the music, then Kym would go away and come up with her own melody and lyrics. Chris wrote Angel Voices especially for Kym, and he composed the wordless The Circle for this project too.

Also in the mix was guitarist Bernie Devine who contributed 3 tracks of music for Kym again to add melody and lyrics. Chris then arranged, mixed and produced the album consulting with Kym on the key points.

The end result is a rich album with great new age hippy sensibilities with a warm feeling and a wonderful showcase for Kyms beautiful voice.

Kate Bush, Bliss, Alan Stivell, , Llewellyn & Juliana, Loreena McKennitt, Eva Cassidy

Angel Voices and I Thank You were included on a compilation Spiritual Woman.

Chris recorded a new version of Angel Voices on his Songs For Dreamers album retitled as Above My Head. He also used the backing track to I Thank You as the starting point for his song Don't Turn Away on the same album.

CCs favourite track - Connected
track by track

1. Nothing Greater Than Love (Kym & Conway)
An upbeat peace song with Celtic jig sections on Irish whistles and stunning harmonies.

Kym - vocals
Chris Conway - keyboards, piano, tin & low whistles, electric 9 string guitar, percussion
Dan Britton - bodhran

2. Angel Voices (Conway)
Chris wrote this haunting beautiful ballad especially for Kym based on experiences with angels she had written about on her website.

Kym - vocals
Chris Conway - piano, keyboards, electric 9 string guitar, percussion

3. The Wise Old Man (Kym & Devine)
This fun lilting song features some wonderful guitar work from composer Bernie Devine.

Kym - vocals
Bernie Devine - acoustic guitars
Chris Conway - keyboards, percussion

4. Connected
(Kym & Conway)
A strange Conway musical concoction. Starting with a kind of Celtic ballad before going into a hypnotic mandala of zithers, organ and overlapping interweaving voices.

Kym - vocals
Chris Conway - zither, elecric kantele, organ, synthesizer, percussion

5. I Thank You
(Kym & Conway)
This song has something of a smooth chillout feel - a hint of Latin vibe about it. Kyms voices shines like a jewel on this track.

Kym - vocals
Chris Conway - keyboards, acoustic 9 string guitar, nylon string guitar, percussion

6. The Circle (Conway)
This instrumental chanting piece brings together a Celtic and Indian feel - meeting somewhere in the middle. It feels like a cereony of some kind. A slow chant section sets the scene with drone and zithers, before the pace doubles with Kym's voice floating above the ethnic percussion and flutes. The tune ends on a traditional Indian classical "tihai" ending.

Kym - vocals
Chris Cownay - zithers, keyboards, tin and low whistles, vocals, percussion
Dan Britton - bodhran


7. Here We Are (Kym & Devine)
This awesome ballad again features Bernie's supoerlative guitar playing. There is a really moving feeling about this piece about waiting for love.

Kym - vocals
Bernie Devine - acoustic guitars
Chris Conway - keyboards, percussion

8. A Little Mantra - OM - Dedicated from the heavens (Kym & Conway, lyrics traditional Tibet)
This Tibetan mantra just grew and grew, coming together very quickly in the studio. There is a warm feel-good glow on this track.

Kym - vocals
Chris Conway - piano, keyboards, tin whistles, vocals, percussion

9. Magical Child (Kym & Conway)
A gentle lilting lullabye.

Kym - vocals
Chris Conway - piano, keyboards

10. Patiently Waiting (Kym & Conway)
One of those pieces of magic that can happen in the studio. Kym laid down improvised vocal and after vocal in layers - Chris had arranged the atmospheric music around it.

Kym - vocals
Chris Conway - keyboards, nylon string guitar, samples, percussion

11. Fields of Corn (Kym & Devine)
This wonderful simple ballad in praise of the joys of nature. Just voice and acoustic guitar with an intimate feel.

Kym - vocals
Bernie Devine - acoustic guitars

12. Journey's End (Kym & Conway)
A magical song of homecoming - a perfect was to end the journey.

Kym - vocals
Chris Conway - electric guitar, low whistle

total time 53m55s
Produced by Chris Conway

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Kym - A Woman's Journey

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