Chris Conway @ The Musician
A Chris Conway songs concert is a unique show - "Songs of Love & Peace & Outer Space" is his slogan and that sums it up well.

Think David Crosby or James Taylor on a journey taking in Ireland, a jazz club, and Outer Space (you need to hear The Alien Jellyfish Song!). Add to this his multi-instrumental wizardry on guitar, piano, kalimba, Irish whistles and even theremin, entertaining chat and a soulful voice to die for. Funny at one moment, magical and moving the next.

He has released 14 CDs of his own songs and more in collaborations.

He's played with the cream of the UK folk and folk/rock scene.
He is a part of Vikki Clayton's band, and she has recorded two of his songs. He has played Cropredy Festival twice playing to 20,000 people, and the Edinburgh Fringe 5 times. He has toured with ex-Monkees Peter Tork, played with members of Jethro Tull and Fairport Convention as well as Martin Carthy, Sally Barker, Pete Morton, Tommy Emmanuel and Talvin Singh.

He has opened for legends...

Bob Geldof, Roy Wood, Richie Havens, Frances Black, Country Joe McDonald, Jefferson Starship and Arthur Brown, Dean Friedman amongst others at packed houses.
a selection of Chris Conway's songs can be heard this player.

song videos

Live - from the In Concert DVD part1

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studio albums
Chris Conway Out Of The Blue
Out Of The Blue
Chris Conway Deep Space Love album
Deep Space Love
Chris Conway Time Traveller CD
Time Traveller
Chris Conway Songs For Dreamers CD
Songs For Dreamers
Chris Conway Close The Circle cd
Close the Circle
Chris Conway - Alien Salad Abduction CD
Alien Salad Abduction
Chris Conway - My Minds Island CD
My Minds Island
Chris Conway - Earth Rising CD
Earth Rising

Chris Conway - Flying Home CD
Flying Home
Live albums

Sounds Like Rain
Chris Conway - Lost Tracks EP CD
Lost Tracks EP
Chris Conway - Live & Peace & Outer Space CD
Live & Peace & Outer Space
Chris Conway & The Talking Fish - Live CD
& The Talking Fish - Live
Chris Conway - Live! CD
Live !
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Chris Conway & Dan Britton
with The Storm Thieves
Safe Harbour
Safe Harbour
Chris Conway & Dan Britton - Live CD
Chris Conway & Dan Britton - Just Be Real CD
Just Be Real
The Storm Thieves - Live At The Bayou
Live At The Bayou
The Storm Thieves Captured Live
Captured Live
Storm Thieves Long Time
Long Time
with The Storm Thieves
with SSC
Storm Thieves Endlass Freefall
Endless Freefall
Storm Thieves Up To the Sun
Up To The Sun
Chloe Singer, Judih Silver, Chris Conway - Live CD

Other Singers
albums with the Chris Conway production sound featuring other vocalists
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with Bridget McMahon
with Kym

Celtic Woman

Avalon Moon

A Woman's Journey

Songs Gigs (yes I know I need to book some more songs gigs in the diary!)
January 2017
February 2017
3rd Fri
Chris Conway - Qui de Neuf, 29th UK Filk Convention, Colchester
4th Sat
Chris Conway - Qui de Neuf, 29th UK Filk Convention, Colchester
5th Sun
Chris Conway - Qui de Neuf, 29th UK Filk Convention, Colchester
16th Thu
Bob Cheevers & Chris Conway - The Donkey, Leicester
22nd Wed
Chris Conway - 30min slot, a.o. - Duffy's Bar, Leicester
March 2017
12th Sun
Chris Conway - Brood, New Walk/King St, Leicester
April 2017
28th Fri
Chris Conway & Dan Britton - 30min slot - Kontra Roots, Working Men's Club, Earls Barton, Northamptonshire
May 2017
12th Fri
Sally Barker + Chris Conway & Dan Britton - Eastwell Village Hall, Leics
June 2017
9th Fri
Chris Conway - The Criterion, Leicester
July 2017
23rd Sun
Chris Conway - Brood, New Walk/King St, Leicester
30th Sun
Chris Conway & Dan Britton - Simon Says...Festival, Leicester
August 2017
17th Thu
Three Gentle Men - Chris Conway/Andy Griffiths/Steve Parker - The Musician, Leicester
27th Sun
Chris Conway & Dan Britton - A New Day Festival, Faversham, Kent
September 2017
October 2017
28th Sat
Sally Barker + Chris Conway & Dan Britton - Burton Lazars Village Hall, Leicestershire
November 2017
4th Sat
Sally Barker + Chris Conway & Dan Britton - The Guildhall, Leicester
25th Sat
Sally Barker + Chris Conway & Dan Britton - Kettering Arts Centre
December 2017
2nd Sat
Sally Barker + Chris Conway & Dan Britton - Alstonefield Village Hall, Derbyshire

Chris Conway
. Chris Conway
Songs News
24th November 2016
chris conway & dan Britton - safe harbour - new release
Chris Conway & Dan Britton Safe Harbour
Chris Conway & Dan Britton Safe Harbour back

Studio album by singer songwriters & multi-instrumentalists Chris Conway & Dan Britton - their first duo studio album in 15 years!

Despite being very busy with Celtic band Govannen, Chris & Dan had never stopped playing concerts of their own songs in a duo, often augmented by Neil Rabjohn's percussion. But they never had the time to go back to the studio.

Sometime around the start of 2016, Dan had recorded a couple of songs with Chris about his family history which were put out on Youtube. Then they started to really enjoy the duo concerts. Somewhere along the line they decided to write some news songs, combine them with songs from their solo albums that were firm favourites in their live set, and record them. This they did here and there throughout 2016, with Chris adding more to the ones Dan had originally recorded. Then suddenly it was done.

Hear and read about and buy the album on the Safe Harbour Page

30th June 2016
chris & dan @ the donkey pub
Chris Conway & Dan Britton @ The Donkey

What a fab Christo & Dan gig at The Donkey. Our chum Andy Griffiths played a stunning opening songs set!
Dan & I tried a few new songs, with percussionist Neil Rabjohn. I took the big piano keyboard which felt different and probably the way to go for us now. A lovely listening crowd!
We sold some CDs too Thanks to Clare for the photos.

Set - Where Will You Be? Carousell, 1838, Journey's End, Song For Eric, Lifespell, Crazy Horse, Train Of Thought, Wish, The Alien Jellyfish Song, The Snow & The Fire

photos soon.

21st June 2016
songs news

Chris Conway

1. Chris Conway & Dan Britton album - 15 years after our first duo studio album it was time to do another :-) - work has begun in earnest and quite a few tracks have been recorded. The album will feature new songs and songs we have been playing together for quite a while.

2. June is Songs Month
and I have lots of solngs gigs and slots - solo and with Dan Britton -5 in June! :-) Check out the gig diary above!

18th April 2016
5 new songs
Chris Conway

I've been getting stuck into songwrtiting again and since Christmas I've got 5. Some will go onto a Chris Conway & Dan Britton album that we have started and others I guess I'll carry forward to a solo songs album.
I decided to record demos of these songs, partially to help shape them, and to demo them for Dan to choose from.
For a while I've posted these up as a playlist on Soundcloud as it could be a while before they surface so you might like to hear this virtual new songs EP.
Hear the 5 new songs here

Now I need to get on and write some more!

24th April 2016
chris conway & dan britton @ joules yard - gig report
Chris Coway & Dan Britton @ Joules Yard 2016

 The CC & DB concert at Joules Yard, Market Harborough was a treat - Accompanied on percussion by Govannen chum Neil Rabjohn, there was a great sound and fab audience ona chilly night in April. Dan & I introduced a new song* each, and the old ones felt really fresh as we hadn't done a dynmamic duo set ina while. It was fab to see so many chums in the audience - thanks to all who came to see us. It certainly gave us the enthuisiasm to get on with recording a new album and get some more concerts.

Set 1 - Carousell/Long Time Gone, Song For Robbie*, Journey's End*, Purple Rain, I Put A Spell On You, Magical Time, On My Way, Matty Groves.

Set 2 - Wish, Train Of Thought, Crazy Horse, Long Days Waiting, When Will We Be Married, Call Of The Wild, The Snow And The Fire, The Alien Jellyfish Song - encore Helpless

Chris Conway . Chris Conway @ DFDF 2013

song videos

Chris Conway songs covered on other artists' albums
CC Songs
Vikki Clayton - Messenger Coming In To Land 2016
Jodi Krangle - Time Will Tell Starting Over, Damned, Alternating Paragraphs & co-wrote 3 others 2015
Play It With Moxie - Live! Alien Jellyfish Song 2012
W. Randy Hoffman - Vocals Sounding Fourth Wonder 2010
Bridget McMahon - Avalon Moon Avalon Moon, Child of the Moon & Destiny's Dance 2009
Bridget McMahon - Celtic Woman Walk With Me & co-wrote 1 other 2008
Kym - A Woman's Journey Angel Voices & co-wrote 7 others 2006
Judy Dunlop & John Scaife - I Want Something I Want Something 2002
Vikki Clayton - Looking At The Stars CC co-wrote Stars 2001
Robbie Murphy - Emerald Blue CC co-wrote 2 songs 2000
Vikki Clayton Band - Cropredy 98 video 10 Years & I Want Something 1999
Roger Pugh - Orchestra of Wishes CC co-wrote 1 song 1999
Vikki Clayton - Lost Lady Found I Want Something 1998
Vikki Clayton - Movers & Shakers 10Years, I Want Something 1997
Conway Songs on compilation cds
Door of Hope - Charity CD 1 - Carousell 2007
Spiritual Woman - Bliss, Juliana, Kym, Vikki Clayton, Lila Mayi 2.5 - CC wrote 2 songs, co-wrote 1 with Kym 2006
Monkey/Love - CD for Monkey World 1 - Monkeys on the Moon & cowrote 1 2004
Mystic Dreamtime 1 - Vikki Clayton sings CCs song 10 Years 2002
NSI - Singer Songwriters Top Twenty - Vol. 1 1 - Proud of You 2002
BURBS - I'm One 1 - Lighthouse in a Storm 2002
A New Day Records - Its For You 1 - Blueprints/Preparing for Departure 2001
A New Day Records - Sampler Vol 2 The Churning of the Milky Ocean 1 - City Breakdown 2000
LOROS - The Sunflower Album 2 - A Little Bit of Loving, Coming in To Land  2000
Bedrock Studios - Red 1 - Life Magic & Love 2000
Al Hodge & Friends - Love Letters 1 - A Little Bit of Loving 1999
Rideout Records - Rideout Compilation 1 - Long Days Waiting 1998

singer-songwriter - background
Though singing and writing a little in his college days CC's singer-songwriting came of age when he joined The Storm Thives - a trio of singer-songwriters. Comparisons were made to CSN and other west coast groups. They recorded a number of albums and some of CCs work with them is collected on his Storming CD.

Whilst with The Storm Thieves CC looked into solo performing and recording, setting his stall out with Sounds Like Rain CD which got international distribution.
Early influences were definitely David Crosby, also John Sebastian, Jesse Colin Young, Buffy Sainte-Marie and Celtic influences from Alan Stivell making a kind of US west coast- meets-Celtic sound. He formed his own band Chris Conway & The Talking Fish.

He then toured Germany 6 times with singer-writer Roger Pugh. On that tour he met Vikki Clayton who drafted him into her band, playing Cropredy Festival twice to 20,000 people, and getting him to record on 2 of her albums including 2 of his songs. Earth Rising was a big CC album with Jethro Tull drummer Clive Bunker and a host of other guests on it.

Other CDs followed - a live one, which demostrated his humourous banter on record, and the twin releases My Mind's Island and Alien Salad Abduction - the latter reflecting his interest in Filk Music.

5 years went by before Chris returned to making an album of new songs in the studio with the release of Close the Circle in 2006. Following this up in 2008 with Songs for Dreamers. In 2010 he released an In Concert DVD and taken from this a live greatest hits album Live & Peace & Outer Space. In 2011 he returned to the studio to release Time Traveller. In 2013 he released an album of filk/space songs Deep Space Love. In 2015 he released another studio album Out Of The Blue.

Through all this time his duo with singer-songwriter Dan Britton has continued. They have recorded 3 CDs and 1 DVD, played Edinburgh Fringe twice and are a terrific duo with a big band sound.
In 2016 they released Safe Harbour, their first studio duo album for 15 years.

Songs A-Z
166 songs
13 co-written
song first
albums song appears on
Above My Head / Angel Voices 2006 SFD Kym - AWJ

Age of Miracles 2000 ER CC – L!

Alien Salad Abduction 2002 ASA LAPAOS

A Little Bit of Loving 2000 ER

A Long Goodbye 2015 OOTB

Alternating Paragraphs 2015 Jodi K TWT            
Always Flying Home 1996 FH

An Old Fashioned Future 2006 CTC

Andromeda Bound 2002 ASA TFish Live

Another Way Of Living 2015 OOTB

A Thousand Miles 1996 FH

Avalon Moon 2009 BM - AM

Before I Go 2000 ER

Blueprints 2000 ER

Borderline 1996 FH

Burn 1996 FH

Burn The Heretic Fen 2013 DSL

Call Of The Wild 1996 ST - CL CC – L! LAPAOS CCDB - JBR

Carousel 1996 ST - CL S LAPAOS CCDB - JBR

Castle, Seed & Candle 2006 CTC

Chasing Rainbows 1995 SLR

Child Of the Moon 2009 BM - AM

Circle Of One 2013 DSL

City Breakdown 2000 ER TFish Live

Coming In To Land 1996 FH x2 LAPAOS SSC- Live Vikki - M

Cry For The Mountains 2001 CC – L!

Damned 2008 SFD

Dancing Shoes 2002 Lost Tracks

Days Gone By 1995 DB

Death To The Immortals (Killing Friends Is Fun) 2013 DSL

Déjà Blues 1995 DB CCDB- Live LAPAOS Gov TWIW MOTH
Destiny's Dance 2009 BM - AM

Don't Turn Away 2008 SFD

Downers 2013 DSL

Dreaming for the People 1993 ST – UTTS CCDB- Live

Dreaming Of You 2006 CTC

Dreams Turned Blue 1995 DB

Earth Child 1995 SLR

Easier Said Than Done 1994 ST - EF S

Easier Said Than Done 2015 OOTB

Empty House Time Machine 2006 CTC

Endless Freefall 1994 ST - EF ST - LATB S

Endless Night 1995 SLR

Finally 2008 SFD LAPAOS

Fly High 2002 ASA

Flying 2008 SFD

Forget About You 1993 ST – UTTS CTC LAPAOS

Full Circle 2001 CC – L!

Funniest Feeling 2011 TT

Future Beige 2011 TT

Gather Me 2008 SFD

Get Yourself A Life 1995 DB

Green Clothes 2001 CC – L! LAPAOS

Help Me 2011 TT

Hit Back 2011 TT

Hold On 2002 ASA

Homecoming 2006 CTC LAPAOS

Homeworld 2002 ASA

I Cast My Soul 2006 CTC

I Don't Know 2002 MMI TFish Live LAPAOS

I Want Something 1996 FH LAPAOS

Inside Out 1995 SLR ST-CL

Islands 2002 MMI OOTB

Journey's End 2016 CCDB-SH            
Just Around The Corner 2002 MMI

Leaf Boat Dreams 2016 CCDB-SH            
Leaves 2008 SFD

Let Me Be 2011 TT

Letters In Time 2011 TT

Life Road / Walk With Me 2008 SFD BM-CW

Life, Magic and Love 2000 ER CC – L!

Lifespell 2006 CTC LAPAOS

Lighthouse in a Storm 1996 FH

Long Day’s Waiting 1993 ST – UTTS ST - LT ST - LATB S CC – L! LAPAOS CCDB - JBR
Lost In My Mind 2015 OOTB

Lost In The Rain 2015 OOTB

Lost In Time 2015 OOTB

Love At First Liight 2008 CBossa

Love on the Run 2000 ER

Love Space Station 2013 DSL

Magical Rooms 2016 CCDB-SH            
Make it Real 1996 FH

Minute Of The Hour 1995 DB SLR MOTH

Monkeys On The Moon 2013 DSL

Morning Rain 2001 CCDB - JBR

My Mind's Eye 2002 MMI

No More Goodbyes 2011 TT

Nobody Loves Me (Like I Do) 2001 CC – L! MMI

Nobody's Fool (But My Own) 1995 DB

On My Way 1995 ST - LT S CCDB- Live

Orbital Filk Recording Studio 2013 DSL

Out Of The Blue 2015 OOTB

Out Of This World 2013 DSL

Proud Of You 2002 MMI LAPAOS SSC- Live

Received Wisdom 1995 SLR

Relive 2015 OOTB

Remember Me 2002 Lost Tracks

Replicator Malfunction Blues 2001 CC – L! DSL

River Blue 1995 SLR

River Of Lies 1997 S

Road Of Dreams 1994 ST - EF ST - LATB S

Run By You 2000 ER

Sail On 1996 FH

Same Shore 2002 MMI

Science Fiction Eyes 2011 TT

Silver Rain 1995 SLR

Silver Wings 2015 OOTB

Simple 2006 CTC

Skyrider 2002 ASA

So Long Blue 2002 ASA

Solstice Circle 2008 SFD

Songrise 2006 CTC

Speak To Us Of Freedom 2002 MMI TFish Live

Spring In Winterland 2002 MMI

Starting Over 2008 CBossa

Still Believe In The Masterplan 2008 CBossa

Stormy Point 1995 SLR

Storyteller 1996 FH

Strangers Still 2015 OOTB

Strong Rivers 2002 Lost Tracks

Sunrise 2008 SFD

Superheroes Never Die 2013 DSL

Surprise Me 2016 CCDB - SH            
Survivors 1995 ST - LT S

Tailspinning 1995 DB

Take Me Away 2002 ASA

Ten Years 1997 Vikki – M&S OTTB

The Alien Jellyfish Song 2001 CC – L! ASA LAPAOS CCDB - JBR Gov–Sniff MOTH  
The Answer 2008 CBossa

The Devil's In Grey 1995 DB MOTH

The End 2008 CBossa

The End Of The World 1995 DB

The Fish Song 2013 DSL

The Garden 2002 MMI MOTH

The Great Escapist 2006 CTC

The Last Place On The Earth 2011 TT

The Long Way 1995 SLR

The Missing Years 2008 CBossa

The Old Man's Song 2011 TT

The Real You 2000 ER

The Storm 2015 OOTB

The Wishing Tree 2011 TT CCDB - SH

There Is Love 2011 TT

This Old Road 1995 ST - LATB

Three Headed Girl 2010 LAPAOS DSL

Three In The Morning 1994 ST - EF S

Til The Deal Is Done 2011 TT

Time To Go Crazy 2011 TT

Time to Talk 1993 ST – UTTl ST-CL CCDB- Live CBossa

To The Four Winds 2000 ER TFish Live

Tomorrow Lives Again 1995 SLR

Train Of Thought 2002 MMI LAPAOS SSC- Live CCDB - SH

Turn Me Around 1995 ST - LT S

Unicorn Girl 2002 ASA

Vegetarian Vampire 2013 DSL

Virtual Girl 2002 ASA

Waiting For The Good Times 1995 DB

Wake Me Up When It's Over 2006 CTC

Who In The Devil Are You? 1995 DB

Who Pays The Price? 1995 SLR

Wishful Thinking 2011 TT

Wonder 2002 ASA SSC- Live

Wonderful Time 1995 DB

Write You Down 1996 FH

Writing in the Sand 1996 FH

Zonky Ponky 2013 DSL


co-written songs
Ape Girl (with Maureen Anderson) 2004 Monkey/Love

Between (with Tracy Twell) 2002 MMI

Connected (with Kym) 2006 Kym - AWJ

Don't Wait Too Long (with Toffy McDougall) 1992 ToffyMcD Lost Tracks

Echoes (with Nicky Retallick) 2002 ASA

I Thank You (with Kym) 2006 Kym - AWJ

Journey's End (with Kym) 2006 Kym - AWJ

Knowing (with Jodi Krangle) 2015 Jodi K - TWT            
Magical Child (with Kym) 2006 Kym - AWJ

My Town (with Dan Britton) 1993 ST - UPTS CCDB - JBR CCDB- Live

Patiently Waiting (with Kym) 2006 Kym - AWJ

Time Will Tell (with Jodi Krangle) 2008 SFD Jodi K - TWT

Wherever (with Jodi Krangle) 2000 ER Jodi K - TWT