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Memory Wire - Dervish House

Memory Wire - Dervish House

Dervish House
Counting In Septembers
Lighter Than Air
4 Left To Our Own Devices
Old Magic

Chris Conway -
piano, keyboards, theremin, low & tin whistles, voice, metallophone, kalimba, temple bells, shaker, effects, whispers
Jim Tetlow -
laptop with keyboard, spheretones, chimes, whispers
+ special guests
Dave Everitt - electric guitar, acoustic bass, tablet synth, chimes, whispers
Linda Faulkner - voice - 3

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Memeory Wire + Dave Everitt
From Minimal Dervishes To Old Magic Dreamscapes.
Memory Wire's 9th album starts with minimal music repeated patterns. Somewhere along the way it transforms into lush multilayered ambient dreamscapes.

Memory Wire's most downladed track is Dervish - a minimal patterns track from their first album Ascend. Through the course of 2016 there were downloads sold all over the world of just that track.

Then Chris Conway was reading a book by Ian McDonald called The Dervish House. This led him to imagine an album focussing more on the minimal side. All of their albums has had some minimal repeated patterns phases or tracks, but Chris imagined a house where these tracks lived together - Dervish House.

They immediately thought of guitarist/bassist Dave Everitt (who played on 3 tracks on the Parallel album) as he was known through past association to be a minimal music fan.

The album was recorded at 2 afternoon sessions - one predominantly minimal. The 2nd session they decided just to go with the flow and not to overthink the plan.

Lighter Than Air was recorded at the Quadelectronic 100 - the 100th monthly electronic improvisation that Chris runs and featured Memory Wire plus vocalist Linda Faulkner who appeared on their previous Underground album.

Terry Riley, Steve Reich, Robert Rich, Vidna Obmana, Eduard Artemiev, Alio Die.
Chris, Jim & Dave went to a minimal music concert a month before recording of Terry Riley & Steve Reich music

Dervish House is Memory Wire's first album in 2 years. It is also their first largely studio recording since Aura.

Chris Conway recorded 2 new instruments for the first time - a metallophone tuned drum, and a singing bowl.

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Memeory Wire Dervish House back Memory Wire - Dervish House

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