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Jodi Krangle - Time Will Tell
featuring the Chris Conway Trio
Jodi Krangle - Time Will Tell

Jodi Krangle Time Will Tell back tray

Jodi Krangle - vocals
Chris Conway -
piano, keyboards, guitars, Irish flute, drum loops
Walt Carter -
Dave Smith -
Urban Tapestry -
finger clicks - 5

I'll Be Seeing You
Starting Over
The Water Is Wide
Time Will Tell
Sex And Chocolate
Too Soon For Forever
Motherless Child
The Lady
Wherever mp3
Alternating Paragraphs
Harvest Moon
Goodnight My Love

Jodi KrangleChris Conway
Sumptuous jazz songs album.
Original jazz songs, some standards, some traditional songs and a Neil Young song
provide the vehicle for Jodi Krangles wonderfully warm rich voice in tandem with jazz pianist Chris Conway & Trio.

Jodi Krangle and Chris Conway have worked together for over 15 years, and sung together on stages in the USA, Canada and the UK. This album pools together the songs they have written together and some they have written solo, and they also chose the standards and cover songs they both love and were keen to do together. Over those 15 years, they often wondered if they would make an album together. They used to say "Time Will Tell" - and now at last it has.

title track

album sampler

Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald, Marcos Valle, Karen Carpenter

6, 10 - by Jodi Krangle.
4, 7, 11 - by Chris Conway & Jodi Krangle.
5 - by Debbie Ridpath Ohi & Jodi Krangle.
2, 9, 12 - by Chris Conway.
3, 8 - traditional, arranged Chris Conway.
1 - by Sammy Fain & Irving Kahal.
13 - by Neil Young.
14 - by Mack Gordon & Harry Revel.

Jodi Krangle also recorded Sex & Chocolate & The Lady on Urban Tapestry's album Myths & Urban Legends

Chris Conway recorded versions of these songs on his own albums
Starting Over - on the album Chocolate Bossa
Time Will Tell & Damned - on the album Songs For Dreamers
Wherever - on the album Earth Rising

CC's fave track -Time Will Tell

Performing throughout the United States, Canada and Europe, Jodi Krangle has lent her talents on several albums including: six albums from Chris Conway, who is also featured on this debut album, three albums with Urban Tapestry, and a live album with Play it with Moxie. Jodi’s influences are classic jazz era artists such as Sarah Vaughan and Ella Fitzgerald and the smooth pop sound of Karen Carpenter. She also created the well-known website called The Muse’s Muse which has won awards and acclaim from various publications.

In Jodi Krangle’s album, Time Will Tell, there are many great songs. “I’ll Be Seeing You” has a very Frank Sinatra feel to it, just in a woman’s voice! It’s relaxing to listen to and really makes you think of the past. “Sex and Chocolate” and “Damned” are both very fun songs that you can easily sing along to and smile the whole time! “Alternating Paragraphs” and “Harvest Moon” are both beautiful love songs that you can dance to in the moonlight with the one you love all night long. “Goodnight My Love” was my absolute favorite! This song really makes you think of a passed loved one and you can completely imagine them next to you as you listen along.

Jodi Krangle has an amazing voice and the piano in the background go beautifully with all of her songs; never overpowering but just perfect. Jodi proves she is the Jazz of the new age and I am really impressed. She invokes the image of Marilyn Monroe singing next to a piano back in the days. Her music has a way of tugging at your heart and reminding you of cherished moments passed. Chris Conway is AMAZING and he adds just as much to the songs as Krangle herself. The vocals and instrumentals are beautifully orchestrated together and extremely complimenting of each other. They are all spot on! On a scale of 1 to 10, this album deserves all of the 10 stars that I am going to give it. Fantastic!
Reviewed by E. Szabo - Skope

1. I'll Be Seeing You.

A favourite song of Jodi's for many years. Jodi & Chris recorded it first about 8 years ago for a documentary film about World War II. Jodi chose I'll Be Seeing You for it as it was a popular tune of the era. Chris also loved it but knew it as Liberace's theme song.

2. Starting Over
This song of Chris's was a bossa number from his album Chocolate Bossa, but it gets rearranged as a straight jazz song here.

3. The Water Is Wide

Chris plays in an Irish band Govannen and has sung this song for many years so he arranged it for piano which gives it a different twist.

4. Time Will Tell.
The second song that Jodi & Chris wrote together. It took some time - years in fact as they kept tinkering with the music or the lyrics. Suddenly Chris hit on making it a bossa and it all fell into place. He recorded his own version on his album Songs For Dreamers with Jodi on backing vocals.

5. Sex And Chocolate
A fun song that Jodi wrote with her bandmate from Urban Tapestry Debbie Ridpath Ohi. They recorded it on their Myths And Urban Legends album.

6. Too Soon For Forever
Jodi wrote this song as a country tinged acoustic guitar ballad. Chris rearranged it for piano and keyboards.

7. Knowing
Jodi and Chris were determined to write a new song for the album - and here it is - their third co-written song, about a couple who are too clever for their own good.

8. Motherless Child
Chris has been singing this traditional song for many years and thought it would be a great vehicle for Jodi to use a different bluesier side to her voice.

9. Damned
Another Conway song he wrote on a piano on a cross channel ferry from England to Holland. He recorded his version on his Songs For Dreamers album

10. The Lady
Jodi wrote this years ago and has sung it with Urban Tapestry. It is her best knwon and most covered song. Chris made a special arrangement of it for piano and keyboards and ocean sounds.

11. Wherever
Chris and Jodi wrote this song in 1998 around the time of Chris's dad's death. It was an emotional time and writing the song helped Chris to come through it. He released his version with Jodi's harmonies on his Earth Rising album.This time it's been given a jazz twist.

12. Alternating Paragraphs

Jodi & Chris met on the internet and over the course of many years got to know eachother via long emails. Chris write this new song about how they got to know eachother and meet.

13. Harvest Moon
Jodi has a soft spot for Neil Young's songs and really wanted to sing one on this album. She suggested this song and Chris took it and ran with it, coming up with this bossa arrangement for it.

14. Goodnight My Love
Ending as we started with a standard. One of Jodi's favourite songs, as sung by Sarah Vaughan. Chris knew and loved the 30s Alice Faye version. They agreed it would be the perfect way to end the album.

Produced by Chris Conway & Jodi Krangle

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Jodi Krangle Time Will Tell back tray   Jodi Krangle - Time Will Tell