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Chris Conway - Sounds Like Rain
Chris Conway Sounds Like Rain

Silver Rain/Gwezenn an Avalou


Endless Night


Inside Out
Earth Child
Tomorrow Lives Again
Stormy Point
Who Pays The Price?
The Long Way
Received Wisdom
Minute of the Hour
Chasing Rainbows/ Rainbow Reel/ Rainbows End
River Blue
Bonus tracks
Nova Scotia
This Old Road
Better Times In Sight

Chris Conway -
vocals, acoustic & electric 9 string guitars, keyboards, tin & low D whistles,bamboo flute, sampled drums, programming, kalimba, percussion
Simon Styring - electric & classical guitars, vocals - 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 13
Neil Segrott - bass, electric & classical guitars, vocals - 4, 7, 9, 14
Dan Britton -
acoustic guitar, bodhrans, vocals - 1, 3, 11
Dave Everitt - acoustic guitars, vocals - 3, 4
Carl Peberdy - sitar, tabla - 6, 11
Roger Pugh - mandola, vocals - 13, 14, 15
Derek Roberts - acoustic guitar - 4

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Chris Conway
A album of evocative songs with a Celtic and US West Coast blend..
CC's amazing debut songs album explodes with life from track one - a sign of what was to follow. Now with 3 bonus tracks.

"The collection of songs which make up Sounds Like Rain are consistently strong and intelligently worked - it all amounts to something really quite special." - RocknReel Magazine

At the time Christo made this album in 1995 he was in the Storm Thieves band, had started his Talking Fish band and still had occasional gigs with The Rain Garden.

In the Storm Thieves the songs alternated between 3 of them - CC says now that he remembers the pressure of doing it all himself, and getting enough variety on the album. Sounds Like Rain certainly has that!

He also was setting his stall out. Its almost like an explosion of music - Celtic, jazz West Coast USA, World music styles all fly by. He also tried to vary ways of singing on the album from track to track.

Dan Ar Braz, Alan Stivell, David Crosby, Ray Charles, Joni Mitchell, The Storm Thieves.

The album was cassette and CDr only until in 1999 when the Channel Islands based ZahZah Music label took it up, remastered it, added some bonus tracks taken from a 1997 limited Germany tour album CC made with Roger Pugh, and distributed it internationally.

It remains one of Christo's best distributed albums worldwide.

Inside Out features The Storm Thieves - it used to be quite a regular song in their set but recordingwise it only ever turned up here.

Chris was told by a German lass who so loved the song Nova Scotia, that she went there specially when on a trip to Canada. The irony is that the song is about someone who has never been to Nova Scotia.

The final 3 bonus tracks were taken from a 1997 limited edition tour album Chris made with Roger Pugh - other CC tracks from this can be heard on the Lost Tracks EP and on the bonus tracks on the Live! album.

CC's fave track - River Blue


Rock n Reel Magazine

Chris Conway

Chris Conway is an immensely talented singer-songwriter, US-born but UK resident these past few years. His is an attractive and immediate style, deceptively simple and described on the cover of his re-released debut collection, 'Sounds Like Rain', as a blend of US West Coast harmonies with Celtic folk roots, world music and jazz influences. How many times have we heard that before, in these days of blurring musical boundaries?

In this case, happily, it all amounts to something really quite special. Clearly Conway is a songwriter, arranger and performer of considerable ambition, vision and ability. Some of you will know him from his work with the Vikki Clayton Band and his Cropredy appearances. He has a good voice, full of warmth and easy on the ear, which suits the material well, and the collection of songs which make up 'Sounds Like Rain' are consistently strong and intelligently worked.

Melody and harmony are significant elements in the overall mix and Conway wears his heart on his sleeve, lyrically. A wide variety of instruments played by Chris himself, with assistance from several other quality players, results in a multi-layered and wonderfully textured sound throughout.

There's a subtle yet persistent 70s feel to the whole affair, though it was recorded in 1995 and, remastered since, the sound constantly sparkles and song arrangements are never plodding. Personally, I found that lingering 70s aspect strangely satisfying and it works well as part of the overall mix of sounds and styles. Song lyrics and the bearded, behatted chap in the CD booklet photo confirm suspicions that Conway's perhaps a bit of an old hippie, but very much the latest model, rather than some time-warp-stranded cliché-spouting anachronism.

A very polished collection, Conway's debut ought to have reached a far wider audience than it presumably did originally, and this time around perhaps it will, for it's excellent stuff throughout and comes complete with three bonus tracks to clinch the deal.
- Dave White

"Sounds Like Rain" is a CD that grows on you with its blend of contemporary jazz sounds of the US West Coast alongside Celtic folk roots and world music influences.

A 15 selection CD that showcases Chris Conway's gifts as composer and musician. Chris Conway does vocals in addition to performing on keyboards, guitars, flute and other instruments, and he is joined by musicians Simon Styring on guitars, Neil Segrott on bass and guitars, Dan Britton on bodhran and guitars, Dave Everitt on acoustic guitar, Carl Peberdy on sitar and tabla, Derek Roberts on acoustic guitar, and Roger Pugh on mandola.

There is a sharing of harmony vocals between the musicians. Each musician gives an outstanding performance, and the musicians work together in top-notch harmony and shared production values. This CD has very, very high production values, which are evident in every selection given for listening pleasure and enjoyment!

I found each selection perfect in its own way, and it would be difficult to pick from this excellent grouping as to favorites for listening! "Silver Rain" is a great, uncompromising, straight-forward song, and well worth listening to several times. Other songs on this CD are "Earth Child," "Stormy Point," "River Blue," "Nova Scotia," "The Old Road," and "Better Times in Sight."

Chris Conway's warm, soulful voice adds depth to the lyrics, as does his performances on various instruments! This CD is a winner in all aspects, and one you will want in your home library or as a special gift for a friend, or both! The very top rating for Chris Conway's "Sounds Like Rain." Excellent!
Rating: *****Five Stars
Reviewed by: Lee Prosser

Sounds Like Rain is the newly re-mastered CD re-issue of a fine debut record by singer/songwriter/guitarist Chris Conway. It appears from the liner notes that Conway is based in Europe, and has recorded several CD's under his own name. In addition to leading his own bands, Conway has worked with members of Jethro Tull, Farport Convention, and Vikki Clayton.

For this CD, it appears that Conway is working in the non-real time format to produce layered harmonies and melodies, both vocally and instrumentally, that are quite pleasing to listen to.

The pretty melodies and swaying rhythms incorporate a wide range of influences from rock, to celtic, to world music. All the pieces on this disc have a strong sense of rhythm and purpose, and Conway's soothing chord voicings on the guitar add greatly to the overall harmonic intrigue of this fine collection of songs.
As well as composing all the songs in this set, Conway sings and plays a wide variety of instruments; including a 9-string guitar, and a kalimba. These instruments help to create a sea of sound; it's tide taking you further and further out, body and mind floating towards the red horizon.

If you like great contemporary music of the singer-songwriter genre, or if you've just recently fallen in love, this CD is definitely worth the listen.

By Flibbert J. Goosty

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Chris Conway - Sounds Like Rain

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