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Chris Conway - Storming
Chris Conway Storming

Long Day's Waiting


Turn Me Around


Port Ui Mhuirghaesa
Road Of Dreams
Three In The Morning
The Autumn Land
On My Way
Easier Said Than Done
River Of Lies
Endless Freefall

Chris Conway -
vocals, acoustic &, electric 9 string guitars, keyboards tin whistle, bamboo flute, kalimba, mandozither, percussion
Dan Britton -
acoustic guitar, vocals, bodhrans, percussion, harmonica
Dave Everitt -
acoustic & electric guitar, vocals, double bass
Roger Pugh -
mandola - 3
Neil Rabjohn -
percussion - 8

Chris Conway Storming back

Chris Conway

Chris Conway
A musical and songwriting tour de force.
Some of Chris Conway's most powerful songs. Storming has a gutsy, dark and Celtic feel to it.

"… on an enjoyable and accomplished album "Storming", he purveys a lilting and melodic music of depth and emotion" 
- Time Out Magazine

In the early to mid 90s Chris was in a band The Storm Thieves - something of a Crosby Stills & Nash with Celtic touches. They recorded a number of cassette albums.

In 1995 The Storm Thieves had recorded half an album (released only recently as "Long Time") when Christo fell ill with exhaustion after a German and UK tour. By the time he had recovered things had moved on and it looked as if the Thieves tracks would just lie around forever.

CC took his tracks and combined them with tracks of his from Storm Thieves cassette albums plus a couple of other tracks he had in the can from elsewhere.

The idea was twofold - one, to tie up the whole of his Storm Thieves experiences and material together and, two, to present a more forceful darker side of his songwriting. The previous Flying Home was a mellow album and he felt he needed a stronger image and sound. Also after his illness, he had been thru dark times as well, so the dark album felt appropriate to the times.

The darker, more Celtic album which proved more popular at folk venues and was CCs calling card promotional CD for quite a while.

Alan Stivell, David Crosby, Dan Ar Braz, Tom Pacheco, Richie Havens, Paul Kantner

Long Days Waiting, Turn Me Around, The Autumn Land, On My Way and Survivors were eventually released on The Storm Thieves Long Time album in 2007.

Endless Freefall, Road of Dreams, Easier Said Than Done & Three in the Morning were taken from The Storm Thieves - Endless Freefall album

Porth Ui Mhuirghaesa was taken from The Storm Thieves - Up To The Sun album

1, 2, 8, 12 were recorded at Far Heath in Northamptonshire - 24 track reel-to-reel, mostly with midi track preproduction.
7 and parts of 12 were recorded at Memphis Studios, Leicester
4, 10 were recorded digitally at Oblong Studios, Leicester.
4, 5, 6, 9, 11 were recorded live and digitally in Woodbrook Studios in Melton Mowbray.

Time Out

"… on an enjoyable and accomplished album "Storming", he purveys a lilting and melodic music of depth and emotion" 

Rock'n Reel - John O'Regan  

"Chris Conway, American born but now resident in England is a name which is becoming something of a byword. From his work with Vikki Clayton and Baluji Shrivastav's Jazz Orient to his own solo albums of which "Storming" is number three. Conway's music is multi layered including elements of contemporary folk,jazz,oriental and traditional celtic music in a style which is refreshing and highly accomplished.
"Port Ul Mhuirgheasa" is a traditional tune exposed to a rock backing while "Road of Dreams" and "Carousel" both display a penchant for quality pop/folk songs with engaging hooklines."Long Day's Waiting" balances a brooding opening with a catchy ballad like chorus.
"Storming" is a powerful reminder of the all round talents that are Chris Conway's. There's something serious going on here."

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Chris Conway - Storming


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