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The Rain Garden - Ritual Of The Sky People
The Rain Garden Ritual Of The Sky People

Kishori - Landing in the Mountains




Solitary Thoughts
Cavern of the Dreamers
The Reflecting Pools
Darkening Skies
The Three Companions
Ritual of the Sky People
Kishori - Home

Chris Conway -
acoustic 9string guitar, keyboards, voice, bamboo flute, low D whistle, zither, kalimba, percussion
Carl Peberdy -
sitar, tabla, voice, bass zither, lyrabec, bamboo whistles, percussion, bells
Dave Everitt -
double bass, voice, zither, tin whistles, bells, percussion

The Rain Garden Ritual Of The Sky P)eople back


The Rain Garden
A story in music.
Follow the adventures of star child Kishori and her visit to Earth. Atmospheric Indo-world fusion music par excellence played on a host of exotic instruments.

The Rain Garden, now a trio, convened and created this whole album in one day. Music spontaneously flowed from midday til about 4 in the morning. The music on the album is in the order they played it in the studio.

On listening back to the music, they felt it had a kind of narrative quality to it. After listening to the music for a while they wove a story around the music of Kishori the star child and her visit to Earth.

There was a real creative freshness on this album. New ideas were flowing back and forth and the improvisations were especially stunning. The album feels at times like a sacred ritual.

Oregon, Alan Stivell, Stephan Micus, Terry Riley, ECM, Colin Walcott, Paul Winter

The name Kishori is a reference to Indian classical singer Kishori Amonkar, one of Chris's favourite artists.

At Leicester International Music Festival in 2001 The Rain Garden re-recreated the music on this album live at the Guildhall, Leicester . The group was expanded by the addition of students playing flute, alto saxophone and tabla.

The Rain Garden did not record another album for another 10 years after this when India was relased in 2009.

CC's fave track - Cavern of the Dreamers

the story
Once upon a time there was a star child. A young star child who left home, as star children often do. She soon came to a planet she hadn't been to before. She accessed the planet's computers and found out more about it. It was called Earth. She also found that her name could not be spoken by Earth people so she chose an Earth name. She decided to name herself Kishoriafter a wonderful Indian singer she heard on the radio. Star children like singing. She had seen cities before on other planets and found them pretty much alike, so she decided to touch down somewhere away from people. She made a Landing in the Mountains. The air was clean and crisp as she walked down the mountainside that early morning, the trees thinning out as she walked.

When she got to the bottom, a large rugged, barren desert lay stretched out before her. She was keen to live as Earth people lived so flying was out. She realised she had a long trek Overland across the desert. She set out, one foot in front of the other, in the hot haze of the noonday sun. She had many adventures only star children would notice. Earth people would think she was just walking along. She met and spoke with some frolicking lizards who told her where to find a stream, which she found, and followed to where more vegetation grew. Kishori stopped to rest.

Sitting alone near the stream, by the fire she made, as the night descended around her, Kishori found her mind lingering on Solitary Thoughts of love and longing.

Star children have no need of sleep. Night and darkness hold no fears for them so once she was rested, she extinguished the fire and followed the stream. It led into a cave which led into a long narrow tunnel, ending in a small opening. Kishori stepped through and gasped. She was standing on the edge of a huge Cavern. On ledges here and there sat hundred Of Dreamers, eyes closed chanting and singing their dreams. It was beautiful. Kishori sat, closed her eyes and joined them. Star children like dreaming.

Kishori left the cavern after what she felt had been hours, but when she looked at her timepiece found that only 5 minutes and 56 seconds of Earth time had elapsed in the cavern. "Curious", she thought as she followed the stream into the open.
It flowed into a number of pools surrounded by walls. On the walls were paintings, made by the dreamers, of their dreams. The pools reflected the stars above which moved and shimmered as Kishori bathed in the water. The Reflecting Pools also reflected the sunrise when it came, and the paintings.

She left the pools and the stream to walk in the nearby forest. Star children like trees. The smell of the forest made her feel  heady and the forest felt full of good magic. Suddenly the atmosphere changed. There was a chill in the air. The forest was full of mysterious sounds. She heard a rumbling sound, saw the Darkening Skies and knew a storm was coming. Kishori was afraid and felt alone. She started to run.

In a glade she came to a cabin with smoke coming out of  the chimney. She knocked on the door. She was welcomed by two Earth people. They were travelling musicians. They gave her food and drink, and began playing. Kishori picked up an instrument and played with them. Star children like music but she didn't let on she was a star child. They made a happy sight and a happy sound, The Three Companions, playing out the storm around a warming fire.

When the storm had passed Kishori and the musicians left the cabin to see her off. She said goodbye and took to the air. Star children like flying. When she was Airborne, she realised she had forgotten where she was and that Earth people don't fly. Luckily musicians aren't surprised by flying people and she saw them happily waving goodbye as she flew over the treetops. She saw the beautiful view of the land below her.

After a time she saw a strange tower on the summit of the highest mountain of the range. She drew closer. It was taller than it had seemed from a distance, and had a flat plateau on the top. The tower had been built by people who worshipped  the sky, and a group of them were sat in a circle paying homage skywards, too busy to notice her land in the middle of the circle. She watched The Ritual of the Sky People when it reached it's peak they saw her take to the air. The sky people were happy. They'd been expecting people to fly for thousands of years.

When Kishori was safely Home she looked back on her trip to Earth. A planet of mountains, lizards, thoughts, dreamers, pools, storms, musicians, views, and sky people. "Not such a bad place", she thought and smiled. Star children like smiling.

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