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Chris Conway - Lost Tracks EP
Chris Conway Lost Tracks EP

Remember Me
Strong Rivers
Don't Wait Too Long
Dancing Shoes
Stewed Flutes

Chris Conway -
vocals, acoustic & electric 9 string guitars, tin whistles, sampled bass, synthesizer, percussion, flutes, kalimbas, hammer dulcimer, echo effects.
Roger Pugh - mandola, acoustic guitars, vocals

Chris Conway Lost Tracks EP

Chris Conway & Roger Pugh
5 lost tracks from '95 and '99
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an eclectic range of music that will suit just about anybody’s CD collection." -

Chris made 3 cassette/limited CDr run albums with Roger Pugh in the 90s. In 2002 Roger wanted to remaster his own songs from the albums onto a compilation album "Ranting in Heaven". On the original masters were songs 2-5 which Christo hadn't heard in ages. He remastered them here along with Remember Me which was in his vaults.

Still sound fresh, especially after the digital remastering. Very much puts Christo in mind of his 90s German tours with Roger Pugh of which these songs were mainstays of his set.

Other tracks from the sessions with Roger came out already as bonus tracks on the re-issued Sounds Like Rain CD, and Carousell on the Storming CD, and 3 bonus studio tracks on the Live! CD

David Crosby, Buffy Sainte-Marie, John Sebastian, Alan Stivell

Remember Me which was from the Earth Rising sessions but was left out through lack of time needed to complete it fully.

Stewed Flutes was a track made to balance timing of the 2 sides of the original cassette album from which it was taken.

Don't Wait Too Long
was co-written by Chris Conway and Toffee McDougall who was a regular busker on Leicester streets for some years.

CC's fave track -Remember Me

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Following three heavies in the instrumental realm of slamgrass, jazz and bluegrass (respectively), It was serendipitous to find an artist that was not only talented in the instrumental aspects of music, but is a master of visual imaging through poetry.

Chris Conway has worked with some of the world’s best jazz and world musicians, including members of Jethro Tull and Fairpoint convention. His previous CD releases span the genres of experimental world music and jazz, while his most recent release, Lost Tracks, is a collection of acoustic folk and mood music. The tracks are beautifully simple, getting back to the roots of acoustic music, rich in lyrics and familiar hooks. The instrumental tracks like 'Stewed Flutes' use ethnic percussion and bamboo flutes that take your mind to other worlds.

Lost Tracks is available for download from his official homepage, but I recommend to the listener that has a taste for quality, to listen to some of the other CDs previously released by Chris Conway. A rounded musician from top to bottom, Chris Conway has an eclectic range of music that will suit just about anybody’s CD collection.

by Pat Ferris

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