The Storm Thieves - Up To The Sun
The Storm Thieves Up To The Sun

The Snow and the Fire


Time to Talk


Port Ui Mhuirgheasa
Tell Me Once More
My Town
Long Day’s Waiting
The Field Road
Dreaming for the People
Turn Away
Hidden Beauty
These Days
Forget About You

Dave Everitt -
vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, double bass, zither
Dan Britton -
vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, double bass, bodhran
Chris Conway -
vocals, acoustic & electric 9string guitars, keyboards, tin whistle, kalimba, electric mandolin

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The Storm Thieves
Three great singer songwriters get together to produce something special.
Remastered re-release of their stunning debut album. Great songs, harmonies and playing Like a kind of Celtic tinged Crosby Stills & Nash.

After their 1st album Up To The Sun had been suich a success, the 3 went into Dave's home studio to record another album as they had done before - directly live onto digital tape.

Endless Freefall is a bolder stronger album in some ways - vocally stronger - they just seemed to go for it instrumentally too. A reflection, perhaps, of the many live gigs they had played together by this time.

Crosby, Stills Nash & Young, Van Morrisson, Alan Stivell, Mike Scott, John Sebastian, Jesse Colin Young, Waterboys

2, 6, 8, 12 by Chris Conway
1, 7, 9 11 by Dan Britton
4, 10 by Dave Everitt
5 by Britton/Conway
3 trad. Ireland arr The Storm Thieves

Porth Ui Mhuirghaesa was also released by CC on his Storming album

Forget About You - CC re-recorded a new version on his Close the Circle CD. The Storm Thieves version was recorded at 4am after a walk round Burrough Hill.

Long Day's Waiting was re-recorded on Storming and on Chris & Dan's Just Be Real CD - Dan's Snow & The Fire classic being re-recorded on the latter.

Dreaming for the People was about a busker friend of CCs Toffy McDougall.

Cover art is by Sally Wilson

The recording just took 3 days. Getting the levels right for live to 2 track DAT took much of the time.

CC's fave track -Porth Ui Mhuirghaesa

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Up to the Sun - The Storm Thieves

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