Chris Conway has been playing the theremin for several years. He has given theremin workshops in the UK and the USA and has recorded with it on over 20 albums in many genres.

Chris Conway
He plays a Moog Etherwave Pro (above left) and for touring he plays the Moog Etherwave standard (above right).

The way he uses the theremin depends on the nature of the genre and the performance.
In jazz and folk music he mostly just plays a melody accompanied or otherwise with some improvisation.

In electronic music the use of the theremin gets more involved. He either plays solo, or with groups, or in the monthly improvised electronic music night Quadelectronic in randomly chosen groupings. His music is usually improvised and layered using effects like harmonizer and delay and reverb building walls of theremin sound intermixed with voice, flutes or kalimbas also thrown into the mix.

Chris Conway Theremin News

Adagios Electric
Adagios Electric
This month sees the release of an album of ambient electronic music on theremin & effects. I;ve been recording it over the last few months and attending the Hands Off Theremin Symposium in Scarborough gave me the inspiration to work more on it.

Gently shifting patterns of chords, coming back on really long delays to make almost a string section of an orchestra.

I think this will appeal to those interested in my electronic music but also those who know my new age music will also I think find it relaxing.
You can hear the whole album online on the player below, plus you can download it (name your price - no minimum) and it will be on iTunes in October.

New videos from the studio
solo theremin, voice & effects

Recording Vlog 11
Hands Off 2011
Had great fun at Hands Off 2011 theremin symposium in Scarborough in July.
Whilst there I ...
1. received lessons from Lydia Kavina (Leon Theremin's great niece) and Barbara Buchholz.
2. played a solo slot at a concert in Scarborough's Spa Theatre and played in a 17 theremin orchestra.
3. got both of my theremin's modded by master technician Thierry Frenkel which should give them better volume sensitivity and pitch range

Read all about it in my blog
See my photos

Quadelectronic 39
13musicians - We had 9 players including 2 soprano saxes. The music was particularly wide ranging

Quadelectronic 40 - Tues September 27th
at 8.30pm the sumptuous Quad Studios, Leicester. - it's not easy to find but here's a map - it's free to get in (and out!) - bring your own alcohol.

- see over 100 past Quadelectronic videos I played in here
Join the Quadelectric Facebook Group to keep informed on Quadelectronic events.
See the Quadelectronic webpage

Videos of Live Theremin Performances
check out the many videos taken at Quadelectronic events on my Electronic youtube channel
in the studio working on the Adagios Electric album -solo theremin, voice & effects

Hands Off @ Ether Festival 2010 - Royal Festival Hall, South Bank, London
Chris Conway - theremin & effects 
solo improv 3 
20 theremin improv
solo improv 1

solo improv 2 

Quadelectronic 22
Quadelectronic 10
solo theremin, voice & effects at the Electronic Bambu event - November 2007
Christo playing theremin live - just a bit of fun - at the Consonance Filk Convention in California

Theremin History

The theremin was invented in 1920 by Leon Theremin (pictured left) and was the first electronic instrument and is unique in as much as it is the only instrument you play without touching.

Classical music was written for it by composers such as Varese, and it's first great player was Clara Rockmore who concertised across the world with the instrument in the 30s.

In the 50s it was used in films such as The Day the Earth Stood Still and It Came From Outer Space, and Hitchcock's Spellbound.

In the 60s & 70s it was used by rock groups and it has found a new home in the music of electronica today.

For more info about the theremin a great resource is Theremin World, plus

Whats a theremin?
theremin FAQs
Spellbound is a great online radio station that plays theremin music

Chris Conway CDs featuring the Theremin
electronic - improvised
.CLICK on album cover
for more info, track listing and soundclips

Adagios Electric

Vampire Dreams

The Dream Collector

Electronic Flights
Chris Conway - Contact Light CD
Contact Light
Chris Conway - Scanning Planet 3 CD
Scanning Planet 3
with Memory Wire
.with Bridge
with Continuum

Pattern Recognition


Sun Ship

Space Time


Best Kept Secret

with The Planet Scanners
with Escape Route

The Third Expedition

In Orbit
The Planet Scanners - Live and Scanning CD
Live and Scanning

Columns of Herakles

Scylla & Charybdis

Pandora's Box
.with The Scanner Game

The Scanner Game - Musici CD

ambient - new age - chill out
.CLICK on album cover for more info, track listing and soundclips
Chris Conway
.with France Ellul
Chris Conway - Ayurveda CD
Chris Conway - Guiding Light CD
Guiding Light
In Balance
River of Life

Spirits of the Sea

Spirits of the Moon
CC & Llewellyn
CC & Will Pimlett
France Ellul & Govannen
. . .
Celtic Reiki
Will Pimlett & Chris Conway - Summoning The Spirit CD
Summoning The Spirit
Spirits of the Forest

.CLICK on album cover for more info, track listing and soundclips
Chris Conway

Live & Peace & Outer Space

Songs for Dreamers
Close The Circle
Chris Conway & The Talking Fish - Live CD
The Talking Fish - Live
Chris Conway - Alien Salad Abduction CD
Alien Salad Abduction
Chris Conway - My Minds Island CD
My Mind's Island

world music - fusion - jazz
CLICK on album cover for more info, track listing and soundclips
.Chris Conway
CC & Chris Puleston
The Rain Garden
. .
Chocolate Bossa
Chris Conway - Minute of the Hour CD
Minute of the Hour
Chris Puleston & Chris Conway - The Healing Drum CD
The Healing Drum


celtic music
CLICK on album cover for more info, track listing and soundclips
with Govannen
. .

Celtic Fire
Govannen - Healing Waters CD
Healing Waters

compilation CDs featuring CC on the Theremin
click 4 link   tracks featuring CC
New Age Music & New Sounds 162 - Flowing Water 1 - CC track Freedom from In Balance - CC plays theremin & synthesizers & low whistle
Auricle Music presents... ¿DRONZ?
Auricle AMCDR 038 2004
1 - CC track Electric Mountain - CC plays theremin & synthesizers
CDs with CC as guest thereminist
click 4 link   tracks featuring CC
Jackie Leven - Lovers at the Gun Club
genre - folkrock
theremin on - 1 track
Judith Silver - Moonchild genre - folk
theremin on - 1 track
France Ellul - Spirits of the Sea
genre - Celtic/new age
theremin on - 1 track
The Maelstrom mp3
Roger Pugh - Fairytale Years
genre - folk rock
theremin on - 1 track
Endorphin - Apocalypse Cow  genre - folk rock
theremin on - 1 track